Why should I use Passported to book my trip?

We do the shopping for you. We only feature hotels where we’d stay with our own families, and we tell you the real deal — good, bad and otherwise. Our Director of Travel will matchmake your family's preferences to the best hotel to suit your needs. Through our relationship with brands such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and more, she can also get you major meal perks, room upgrades and spa credits that you won't score on your own. 

I need to plan a trip. Can you help?

Yes. We live for this stuff, seriously. We aren’t a traditional travel agency, but we know some trips are impossible to plan online. If you’re stumped, we can help connect the dots for you. Shoot us an email with any questions and our team will get back to you.  

Am I paying extra to book through you?

No. You book your hotel, we make money. It’s the same way every travel company functions, but we’ll tell you up front. You pay the same price or less, we get a portion of what you spend. Easy peasy.

Why can’t I find the hotel/destination I want to book? 

We’re still adding destinations, so if you don’t see where you’re headed and have a question about what hotel to choose, send us a message. Our team is constantly scouting new places and new hotels, so let us know if there are favorites you’d like to see added to the list. We can help you plan wherever you're headed.

How can I book connecting rooms or make special requests?

Connecting rooms can only be arranged directly with the hotel, but that's a service we provide. Contact our bookings expert for help figuring it out. She's a mama, too, so she knows the importance of the right set-up.

Will I incur any extra payments at checkout?

There is no fee for booking with Passported. The only payments you’ll make will be the hotel itself at check-out. 

Why are there 3-star hotels on the site?

Most of the hotels we review have 4 or 5 stars. But there are certain times - and places - where it’s worth knowing the less luxe but practical alternative, either because it’s better than the (somewhat confusing) star rankings say or because it’s the best option in an area without many choices. 

Can you help with flights or car rentals?

We can! We're excited to announce that we recently added a flights expert, and she's pretty darn great. We don't do rental cars - yet.

Can I write for you?

Yes! While our hotel reviews are handled by a team of professional travel writers, we love hearing from readers about their family adventures on the road. Check out our Travel Journal to see what others are submitting, and send yours along to our editorial team.

Any other questions? Shoot us an email, and we’re happy to help.